Our Results

Non-verbal ASD are now talking, all ASD have greatly improved behaviour, social and emotional understanding while learning gaps are ready to fill; ADHD have come off medication and behaved with control, calm and focus, able to sit at their desks without continual distraction or mini breaks; OCD, Depression and Anxieties were reported to be completely gone and off their medication; all Dyslexia and Dyspraxia/Dysgraphia report their condition gone, Pain conditions eased, ODD, SPD, Tourette, Perfectionism Intensity greatly reduced, and many more successes.

Additionally, people have reported an increase in cognitive processing speed, greater focus, clearer thoughts, faster ability to learn, hard subjects have become much easier, motivation increase, faster reflexes for sport, happier and calmer disposition, better sleeps and a quiet peaceful mind.

We have enjoyed working with groups and individuals from birth to 96 years old and seeing families find happiness and peace with their learning abilities.